Take a DELICIOUS Mid Week Break and enjoy Week Day Saving Specials !週日特惠精選 Available Sunday to Thursday: Ribs, US Angus Steak, Tomahawk Steak, Pizza- Plus Fresh Oysters from $19, Free Flow from $88 This is the most delicious meal Sunday Ribs Special 星期日燒排骨之選… Tex-Mex Style Ribs with Sweet Chili, Honey Barbeque Sauce. 255 美國德州/墨西哥風格排骨配甜辣椒、蜂蜜燒烤醬。 Spanish Iberico Ribs with Balsamic Vinegar Glaze 255 燒西班⽛豬肋⻣配⿊醋燒烤醬 Served with Fries & Roast Vegetables 配薯條和烤蔬菜 Monday $10 Steak Night 星期一$10牛扒之夜 Order any standard Ala Carte US Angus Steak Meal and get a second Steak of the same type for only HK$10 點選任何標準單點餐單美國安格斯牛扒套餐,只需$10, 即可加點第二份同款牛扒 US Sirloin 12 Oz 美國西冷扒12安士 318 US Ribeye 12 Oz 美國肉眼扒12安士 368 With roast vegetables & choice of sauces, 配烤蔬菜和自選醬汁 Tomahawk Tuesday 星期二特選斧頭扒 Australian Tomahawk 30-35 Oz $100 Off normally 658 now just 558 澳洲斧頭扒30至35安士 With roast potato and roasted root vegetables, choice of sauces or mustard 配烤薯仔和烤蔬菜,可選擇醬汁或芥末醬 Wednesday Pizza Party 星期三薄餅派對 All pizza’s are a thin Tuscan base, handmade with 100% Italian Durum Wheat . All Pizza’s 30% off 薄底薄餅,100%意大利硬粒小麥自家手工製作。所有薄餅 七 折 Margherita 皇后薄餅 118 Spanish Ham or Pepperoni Pizza 西班⽛⽕腿 或 意式辣⾁腸薄餅 125 Salmon Pizza or 4 Flavour Pizza 煙三⽂⿂ 或 四式薄餅 125 Spicy Beef & Coriander Fusion Pizza ⿇辣⽜⾁芫荽薄餅 138 Surf N Turf Thursday 星期四海陸雙拼 US Sirloin 12 Oz Steak, King Prawn Tails (2) & Hollandaise Sauce with Roast Vegetables (Sirloin Only normally 318) just 328 美國西冷扒12安士、大蝦 (2隻) 和荷蘭汁配烤蔬菜 US Ribeye 12 Oz, Lobster Tail & Hollandaise Sauce, Roast Vegetable (Ribeye Only normally 368) with Lobster Tail & Sauce just 388 美國肉眼扒12安士 ,龍蝦尾和荷蘭汁配烤蔬菜 Available daily from 6 pm as advertised Dine In Only 加一服務費 10% Service Charge 所有推廣優惠如有任何更改及爭議Cafe2 Oyster n Grill 保留最後決定權. Life is Short. Live it Well! — Cafe2 Oyster n Grill 訂座電話:2295 6668 OpenRice 訂座 :https://bit.ly/3EGcDK1 Chope 訂座:https://bit.ly/3Q5Hsx9 地址:西環皇后大道西371-379號樂信大厦地下C,D舖 Address:Shop C&D, G/F., 371-379 Queen’s Road West, Sai Wan, Hong Kong 想知道Cafe2第一手資訊,請瀏覽我們的FB專頁 Cafe2 Oyster n Grill 或 IG : @cafe2_hk ⁣ ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #foodstagram #foodblogger #foodphotography #foodlovers #food #foodlover #yummy #christmas #christmasparty #foodie #foodiehk #hkfood #hkfoodblog #hkfoodblogger #hkfoodie #hkig #brunch #相機食先 #美食 #西餐 #食好西 #香港好去處 #香港打卡 #香港美食 #西營盤
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