Wine has always been a key aspect of the culture of European societies dating back to Roman times and before. Below is an example where wine as a historical cultural force intertwined with religion. Rest assured that French and Italian wines (as we exclusively stock) no longer depend on this style of grape press! If you like a wine that is rich in fruit flavours but not heavily tannic, we recommend Reserve de l’Aube, SYRAH, MERLOT VDF, 2021 (france), from our wine list. I…t’s a deep ruby colour with fresh scents of cherry, raspberry and blackcurrant. Some report a hint of vanilla but personally I find it more varied and rich than that. It goes well with all meats, tomato based pizza and pastas and even some of the richly flavoured chicken and fish dishes – and as a famous wine expert once said to me , “if you are paying then drink whatever you bloody well prefer with whatever food you bloody feel like!” Yes it was an Australian wine expert (but it was at a formal event ) . I have always felt that was sound advice. Life is too short to worry about other peoples opinions and we pay for our pleasures. Enjoy! de Courbes (French 1592–1641) Christ in the winepress 1593. Motif in Christian iconography where Christ himself becomes the grapes.
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