Show that you care/ VALENTINES DAY Romantic Candle Light Menu available from 11 to 15 February : 傳遞您的愛意/情人節浪漫燭光餐單於 2 月 11 日至 15 日供應: Start with the traditional Western aphrodisiac, a round of the freshest international Oysters and pair that with our special ‘Seduction’ sparkling cocktail, decorated with flowers and a strawberry Heart. 從傳統的西方壯陽物——一批來自世界各地最新鮮的生蠔開始,配撘我們特製的「魅惑」起泡雞尾酒,雞尾酒上面點綴著鮮花和心形士多啤梨。 Then order Ala Carte or select our special Valentines Menu, packed with passion… fuelling ingredients – 點餐或選擇情人節特別餐單,餐單中的食材均能激發你的熱情 – Smoked Salmon Salad, 煙三文魚沙律, Korean Crispy Shrimp, 韓國脆皮蝦球, Cream of Mushroom & Truffle Soup, followed by mains of Surf n Turf (US Sirloin & Lobster Tail), and Canadian Scallop Risotto. 黑松露忌廉蘑菇湯,接著是主菜 Surf n Turf(美國西冷牛扒和龍蝦尾)及加拿大扇貝燴飯。 Finish with a decadent and sinful Chocolate Lava Fondant, filled with hot rich chocolate and paired with rich vanilla ice cream. 最後,你還可以品嚐到令人垂涎欲滴的朱古力熔岩軟糖,軟糖裡面充滿熱朱古力,並配以濃郁的雲呢拿雪糕,口感更為豐富。 #valentine #hongkong #SaiYingPun #西营盘 #情人节2024 #香港 #美食
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