Looking for something special to do this Easter?

Cafe2 Oyster n Grill is the perfect place for you and your family this Easter. We offer a wide selection of dishes, from seafood-inspired brunch favorites to more traditional Easter fare. Plus, we’ve got desserts so sweet they’ll leave your taste buds singing! Upscale but relaxed atmosphere makes us the ideal spot to celebrate – any time of year.

Whether you crave a savory omelet or are just looking for some boozy fun with our Bloody Mary bar, there’s something here that will make everyone in your group smile. With attentive service and inspired dishes that bring together flavor and style, Café 2 Oyster n Grill promises an unforgettable experience on this most holy of days.

Come join us at Cafe2 Oyster n Grill Brunch in [Shop C&D, G/F., 371-379 Queen’s Road West, Sai Wan, Hong Kong] for a delicious holiday meal – book reservations now!


Cafe2 Oyster n Grill是今年復活節您和您的家人的完美好去處。 我們提供多種菜餚,從海鮮風格的Brunch 到更傳統的復活節美食。 此外,我們的甜點太美味了,它們會讓你的舌尖上的味蕾唱歌! 高貴但輕鬆的氛圍使我們成為一年中任何時候慶祝的理想餐廳。

無論您是渴望美味的煎蛋卷,還是只是想在我們的血腥瑪麗酒吧尋找一些令人陶醉的樂趣,這裡有一些東西會讓你們每個人都微笑。 Café 2 Oyster n Grill提供周全的服務,將風味和風格融合在一起的靈感菜餚,承諾在這個最神聖的日子裡獲得難忘的體驗。

來[西環皇后大道西371-379號樂信大厦地下C,D舖]的Cafe2 即開生蠔 和Brunch ,享受美味的節日大餐——立即預訂!


Cafe2 Oyster n Grill
訂座電話:2295 6668
OpenRice 訂座 :https://bit.ly/3EGcDK1
Chope 訂座:https://bit.ly/3Q5Hsx9
Address:Shop C&D, G/F., 371-379 Queen’s Road West, Sai Wan, Hong Kong
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