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Have you ever tried … Absinthe? It’s a greenish spirit distilled with wormwood (which has known medicinal properties), anise and fennel, with an alcohol content that can be double that of whiskey. Originating from Switzerland and France in the 1860’s it became wildly popular in the period from 1890 to 1910 and was widely blamed for the perceived moral decadence of society at the time – eventually being banned in the USA and many European countries. The bans were only revers…ed in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, when better analysis proved that Absinthe was no more or less hallucinogenic than other spirits. In recent years it has become popular again, with some advertisements referencing its popularity a century ago with a parody of the Prince song “Cause to-night we’re gonna party like it’s Eighteen -Ninety -Nine”. If you’d like to taste a glass of history, we have the original Pernod Ricard brand in stock (although they now call it a Pastis to avoid the stigma of Absinthe, but the ingredients and alcohol content are the same!) . It’s best enjoyed over ice in a small glass, one part absinthe to four parts water. Some add a touch of sugar syrup. Brave souls may choose to drink it straight but make sure you have a friend to help you get home! It’s again become a popular drink in France, as a digestif after a meal. Visit us at Cafe 2 Oyster n Grill for a taste of history. And enjoy some great oysters, steaks and wine as well.
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