Happy Easter ! Below is a throwback to Easter culture (or caricatures ?) in Europe at the turn of the 20th century, with Rabbits in the dress of “proper” gentlemen and ladies of the time. Rabbits and eggs are both symbols of Easter because while the holiday is ostensibly Christian, it coincides with the timing of old Pagan festivals that celebrate the coming fertility of Spring and Summer. In the West, Easter is time to spoil children by giving them chocolate in the shape of… eggs or rabbits. Looking for a small Easter indulgence for the kids whilst also enjoying a nice meal for Mum and Dad? Come to Cafe 2 Oyster n Grill on Easter Monday for Breakfast, Brunch Afternoon Tea (and Brunch) or Dinner and your children can each receive a gift of a couple of high quality Australian made small Cadbury chocolate eggs. They were smuggled into HK by our owner specifically for Easter . It’s a great way to bribe (oops I meant to say, “incentivise” !) your kids to behave so you can enjoy a leisurely Brunch. Our extensive menu includes freshly baked breads at Breakfast and great steaks, pasta and seafoods at Brunch and Dinner. Pizzas handmade with 100% Italian wheat and European ingredients. And enjoy two hours free flow of all house wines (including French sparkling) and Beers just $88 with a meals. That will surely help Dad relax… Mum can relax with a couple of excellent Frozen Margaritas. Salty, Sweet and wonderfully refreshing Live a little this weekend at Cafe 2 Owyter n Grill https://www.facebook.com/share/p/rUDU2EAEchLsMRjp/?mibextid=WC7FNeHappy Easter. German postcard from 1913
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