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Book a table tonight ! At Cafe2 Oyster n Grill , our pizzas are handmade when you place your order. The pizza base is hand-rolled by our chefs from 100% Italian Durum wheat to produce a Tuscan style thin and crispy base, topped with rich Italian pizza sauce before adding the finest imported toppings. Our Pepperoni pizza uses a delicious, lightly spiced pepperoni paired with sun dried tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese. This is Pizza as it’s meant to be, simple , richly flavoured and delicious. 在 Cafe2 Oyster n Grill,我們的 Pizza 都是即時手工製作的。 Pizza 餅底由我們的廚師以 100% 意大利硬粒小麥手工軋製而成,製成托斯卡納風格的既薄且脆的餅底,在上面撒上濃郁的意大利 Pizza 醬,然後添加最好的進口配料。 我們的意大利辣香腸比薩採用美味、微辣的意大利辣香腸搭配曬乾的蕃茄和馬蘇里拉奶酪。 這就是披薩的重點,簡單,味道濃郁,美味可口。Book Now!
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